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How does the Consortium work?

Members can make requests to participate in any particular monthly group order as they wish. The consortium leader batches these monthly requests and obtains the best bulk price quotation for a common delivery from the chosen heating oil supplier.

When a group order is placed with a chosen supplier any members who are new to that supplier have an account set up with them. In many cases the member may already have an account with a chosen heating oil supplier, and in this instance this is used for delivery invoicing.

When the group order delivery is made to a member, a delivery note, including the invoice, is left by the supplier for the member, who is then responsible for the payment directly to the heating oil supplier as a prompt payment, usually 7 days.

How much could I save by participating?

The price you pay for heating oil typically depends on the quantity you order and the competitiveness of the supplier you choose. Oil consumers are by now familiar with the volatility of the oil market and the price swings, so prices will vary greatly over periods of time. From records since the consortium was formed we have typically saved approx 4 pence per litre compared with the usual local oil suppliers. So, for example, if you buy 1,000Ltrs of oil three times a year, you would expect to save £120 a year compared to usual local suppliers.

Is there a membership fee?

A small annual subscription is requested to order oil through the consortium. The consortium was conceived, and is run, as a community service for the benefit of local residents. Subscriptions are to cover the operating costs of the consortium only, and not to generate profit. Membership of the consortium website is free, and allows members to make online order requests and also access other information of interest.

Why is the Consortium price the best?

Simply put, it is because of the combined buying strength of a group. The Consortium coordinates large orders for a common delivery trip to a group of members. We achieve the best supplier price because of the quantity and the reduced transport cost to the supplier.

Everyone in the group order gets the same price per litre, regardless of their quantity. If a fill up is requested, the member only pays for the amount the delivery driver can put in the tank. The estimate for a fill up is to advise the supplier so they can schedule deliveries from the capacity of the tanker.

Who can join the Consortium?

Any householder resident in the Ashton Keynes vicinity who uses domestic heating oil and who is able to have an account opened with the preferred oil supplier.

How do I join the Consortium?

Contact the Consortium Co-ordinator and provide your full details; email, full name, address, post code, and local phone number (e.g. 01285-). Your details will be added to the membership list and you will receive monthly group order email reminders ahead of scheduled group order dates. For convenience you can apply to join the Consortium from this website by contacting the Co-ordinator

What are my obligations to the Consortium if I join?

There is no obligation to order any particular quantity of oil via the Consortium over any period of time. The main obligation in participating is that you pay the invoice for your delivery to the chosen oil supplier. You may already have an account with the chosen oil supplier, if not an account will be set up for you by the supplier and the invoice posted to you. Members decide when, and if, they choose to particate in any particular group order that is arranged.

What are the payment terms?

The invoice payment terms from the chosen supplier/s are usually 7 days from invoice date, however, members should always check their invoice for the prompt payment period. Contact details of the delivery supplier are advised by email when a group order has been placed.

How are Consortium deliveries organised?

The Consortium operates to a monthly order/delivery schedule, as shown in the order schedule calendar. Members registered with this website can login with their member details and make a request to participate in a scheduled group order. A Consortium price quote is obtained from the preferred suppliers on the planned order date, and a group order is then placed with the chosen supplier offering the best price. Delivery usually takes place within 5 working days. Members participating in this delivery are then advised by email of price, and expected delivery date if this is given by the supplier. When the delivery is made the supplier will leave a delivery note and an invoice will be posted to you.

My question is not answered here

You can ask a question by sending a message to the Consortium Leader from the Contact Us area of this website. There is also a Members FAQs section available to registered members which answers other questions that members typically have.